Privacy Policy

Your privacy matters and I am commited to protecting any information this site should gather.

What kind of personal information does use?

When you visit, I may collect certain information - this may include IP address, your browser and information about your computer or devices operating system, version and langauge you are visiting in.

None of this information can be used to personally identify you or tell me who you are, but is still considered personal information.

Why does collect and use personal information?

I use this website as a portfolio website so that people can reach me, I want to make sure that it works for all people who want to use the website, but to also learn who is visiting and why.

This information is used to understand my visitor behaviour so that I can potentially update and change my website if needed along with understanding how many people are researching me.

I cannot use this information collected on this website to contact you, I can only do that if you reach out to me via email or social channels.

How does share your information with third parties? This website is hosted, this means that they have their own analytics tracking capabilities on this website. I have disabled the Squarespace tracking capabilites, but some data may still be collected.

This website also uses Google Analytics, a website analytical tool to understand visitos to websites.

No information collected in Google Analytics can be used to personally identify you.

Known Cookies

When you visit or use a website it will normally download a cookie - which is a small file that makes the site work along with adding in additional capabilities like tracking or advertising.

This website does not use any advertising cookies however it does use some cookies to make the site work and track the visitor behaviour.

You can turn off some types of cookie - but not others, as the site won't work without them.

Cookies that are necessary:

  • Typekit by Adobe
  • Google Tag Manager

Tracking Cookies:

  • Google Analytics

Limitations with the current hostings capabilities mean that you are automatically opted in to receive these cookies when visiting this website - which is not GDPR friendly. Due to this limitation - if you wish to stop the cookies on this website please leave this website and go clear the cookies from this website. A handy guide can be found here. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.