Effective User Story Creation (and all the other bits needed on a ticket)

Over the last few years, i’ve been slowly learning how to write the most effective user stories for my product teams. I’ve just documented this for others at work and I thought it’d be a good idea to share what i’ve learnt on Medium too. All of this is about what is working really well for me and my product team at the moment and is allowing us to deliver great things.

Firstly I think its worth mentioning that generally we write these as a group and I don’t write them in isolation. I always have the whole team together as the stories get created, or at the very least they get reviewed by the whole team before they get looked at. There’s a whole other discussion on why we do that, but for the purpose of this article, i’ll just share my top tips for all the bits you need in a user story ticket.

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James Whitman